The Isaiah J. Jones Memorial Foundation was formed for the purpose of providing charitable services to the residents living in and around the community.

Children Services: We intend to institute programs that will provide family and individual therapy and enable our children to function at their highest potential. We are committed to helping them become successful and happy young adults, with the skills they need to succeed educationally, professionally and personally and to become change agents in their communities.

Food Pantry Program: We intend to maintain a fully functional food pantry. The purpose of this service is to provide underprivileged families with nutritious food. We also intend to institute an In-Home Service Program that will enable us to bring food to the elderly. The pantry will be housed at the offices of the Foundation. This program will begin as soon as an adequate location is obtained to house the Foundation's offices.

Scholarship Fund: This activity is being formed to assist students who otherwise would not be able to afford tuition fees. We will help with tuition, housing and books.

Used Clothing: We will have clothing drives to obtain new and used clothing for those in need. The purpose of this service is to try to provide appropriate clothing to those low-income women entering the work force for the first time, as well as clothing for those who are generally in need.

College Prep Counseling: This service is geared towards high school students who are interested in higher education. We will also provide counseling on how to choose an appropriate college and how to obtain grants, loans and other financial aid.

Women, Young Adults and Elderly Services: We will provide referrals to support groups for alcoholics and substance abusers regarding appropriate rehabilitation and treatment programs. The number of individuals suffering from substance abuse is a constant threat to the future of our urban communities. Where there is substance abuse there is usually violence. We will diligently work toward our vision of a safe and drug free community.

We will provide, when necessary, referral services to women regarding adoption agencies. This service will be geared towards women who are not mentally, physically or financially able to raise a child and therefore want to place their child(ren) up for adoption. By providing this service we hope to lower the number of babies abandoned every year.

We recognize the elderly population is increasing and their needs as they age are growing. Consequently, we will dedicate ourselves to assisting area residents maintain a quality lifestyle, and will reach out to those individuals needing information or help. Our services are for all seniors, but we will target limited income persons, minorities, isolated individuals, memory impaired elders and vulnerable persons who are at risk of being institutionalized without these services. In addition, we will try to help families cope with the added responsibility through information and referral to support groups and respite care programs.